No matter how much I crave to live in the salty warm air, I will always, always, come home for a white Christmas. This year was particularly special because my ~Jewish~ boyfriend tagged along for his very first Christmas celebration. As a non-religious family this holiday usually just entails us gathering together and exchanging inappropriate stocking stuffers. To give you an idea, my mom got my boyfriend the book "How To Raise a Jewish Dog" - where do you even find a book like that? My mom is the queen of all stocking stuffer queens. I can thank her for my new red wine stain remover, toilet texting hand sanitizer, and socks that say "f*** this sh**" on them. If anything, this Christmas has reminded me that no matter what religion or denomination you align with, the people, laughs, and moments you experience are all that really matters (at least to me). Days after the fact, I'm not harping on what presents I did or didn't get, I'm reminiscing on the genuine smiles I saw when we peeled back the wrapping on yet another ridiculous knickknack. Aside from the inevitable madness and chaos affixed to the holiday season, my entire time at home was refreshingly relaxing and somewhat hilarious.   Some of these highlights from the trip included getting ourselves stuck in a ditch of snow and watching my southern charmer of a man save the day, and getting massive butt bruises from snowboarding. Although I'm grateful for my time at home, I'm desparately itching to get back to the warmth and couldn't be more anxious to arrive in Tortola tomorrow! One flight and ferry ride stands between me and a bikini (and a sunset that begins significantly after 3:30pm!!!!). Stayed tuned for some soon to come updates from a happy girl in the British Virgin Islands. 

Rings: Free People

Backpack: Urban Outfitters

Cookie: Not telling