Happy Friday crazy people. Anyone else feeling like 2017 has started out going a million miles per hour???? I just barely realized it was Friday (not complaining), but man, these past few weeks have been an incredible whirlwind of travel, thinking, deleting, and planning. I have already found so much inspiration for this year, and I couldn't be more excited. Columbia has been showing off its warm weather the past week and I am thriving in it - as you can see by my complete failure to actually put on this jean jacket. 

Vintage jean jackets are a hard thing to come by if you don't want to break the bank by splurging on a limited edition or gain several wrinkles waiting on Urban Outfitter's renewel line to restock (not hating, just don't have the time!). Even by avoiding these two options, finding the perfect worn in Levi jacket was a difficult task. I searched for days on Etsy until I found the one - perfect size, perfect wash, perfect distressed-ness. But damn, it was worth it. I paired this bad boy with a lightweight slip dress and high knee suede boots. I cannot brag enough about these boots. THESE BOOTS. They are utterly fabulous. So soft, so comfortable, & so bad ass.

Anyway, the south can keep doing it's little summer-in-winter thing cause I'm loving it. Hope everyone has a beautiful weekend full of clinking glasses, love & laughter! 


JACKET: Etsy - vintage Levi size medium

DRESS: Urban Outfitters

BOOTS: Franco Sarto Elnora Over The Knee Boot