Think of a place where you can eat delicious food, drink amazing things (like rosé and cold pressed juices), AND feel awesome about yourself while doing it. This place exists and it is called Café Gratitude. Café Gratitude has multiple locations in So Cal, one being in San Diego & I am so delighted I got to try it while I was there. Luckily, it was only a few blocks from my hotel so it made for a convenient spot for any meal (to which I fully admit I ate at for three separate meals). The food is all vegan which allows you to indulge without regret (always a plus!). My favorite was the french toast w/berries, the WHOLE bowl, and the freshly squeezed basil lemonade. Everything on the menu is named with an adjective or verb (such as BEAMING, or COOL) and when the server brings your dish they say "you are BEAMING". Pretty much this place is a restaurant and therapist's office all in one. Leave full, happy, AND a more confident person. Cool, huh?