I've been waiting to share this post because I've been playing around with edits for awhile but have finally gotten down my look. I asked you guys on Instagram stories if you'd be interested in an editing guide post and almost 100% of you said yes! So as requested, here is my editing guide! I do have to say that every photo is a little bit different because of lighting, weather, etc. (especially since I do not use a Photoshop preset) ... so ... although this post gives an overly detailed guide on how I edit, there's always a chance you need to add a few other tweaks depending on those factors I just mentioned. I use three apps religiously and here is a breakdown of what exactly I do on each of them.

VSCO: All hail VSCO! This is my favorite app and I'm in love with so many of its presets. Although I have such a soft spot for the warm/vintage presets like A4 and M5, I've cozied up with the A6 preset. This preset is a little on the cooler side and adds more contrast. When I'm ready to edit a photo:
Upload it to VSCO and add +10 of the A6 preset (I never add the full effect). Then, I increase or decrease exposure depending on the lighting of the photo. I like my photos bright so unless the raw photo is really over-exposed I'm usually increasing a range of +.3 to +3 exposure. Next, I increase a range of +1 to +5 sharpness and decrease a range of -.3 to -.2 saturation. This is the extent of editing I do on VSCO. If I'm uploading to Instagram stories I usually stop editing here, but if I'm editing for my blog or Instagram feed I move on to my next step!

{ here's some examples of my editing style below! }

Snapseed: Snapseed is probably the most crucial step of my editing because it allows for tweaks that I haven't seen other apps be able to do.  When I'm ready to edit a photo already edited with VSCO:
Upload the photo and click on tune image. With this tool there are many options (similar to the editing options on VSCO). I actually make a lot of changes, but each change is very minor! 
- Increase brightness by 5 to 10
- Increase contrast by 5 to 10
- Decrease saturation by -5 to -10
- Decrease ambiance by -10 to -20 (this toggle is my FAVORITE - I honestly don't know what it does but I like to call it my magic wand - it transforms my photos)

- Increase highlights by 1 to 5
- Decrease shadows by 5 to 10

Now, that's it for the tune image tool!

On to the next tool: details. Using this tool I decrease structure by 5 to 10 and increase sharpness 10 to 30 (this helps get your image to be clearer!)

Done with details, and now on to the brush tool.

This tool is the BOMB, it lets you edit different parts of the photo with a swipe or smudge of your finger. For example you can over-expose just the background of a photo or desaturate certain details of a photo (i.e. you can make bright red shoes look more like a rust color). I loveeee this feature because my aesthetic has very mellow colors and incorporates a lot of black, white, and brown tones. I always desaturate details like greenery/flowers/trees, bright colored walls, blue jeans, and food! 

Once I'm done with all of these edits I apply the tool drama to my photos. With this tool I always keep saturation at 0, and put filter strength at 20-30. This effect adds a touch more of shadow and contrast in the coolest way. Be sensitive with this tool though - sometimes I add it on the end and it really Fs up the photo. In these cases I scratch the drama tool and finalize it based off the other edits!! Hint* you'll be able to tell if it messes up the photo, it's super obvious.

Airbrush: For the third and final step I upload the photo onto Airbrush. This is one of those super scary apps that lets you turn yourself into a stick figure and change your brown eyes to a bright blue color. Spoiler alert: I don't use any of these wacky features. ALL I use Airbrush for is to smooth out my skin (sometimes the tone gets uneven from all the previous edits)!

VOILA! There you have it, you made it! I hope this post answered some of your questions and as always feel free to DM me with any more! I hope to create my own preset in the near future, but for now I'm sticking to this old faithful trifecta of editing apps. Thanks for stopping by xx