HELLO 2019

Welcome to my first blog post of 2019! I am so grateful for everyone who invests their time in supporting my content, words, and thoughts! So first, thank you for reading. Although I don’t believe resolutions are necessary for growth, I do think they provide a good opportunity to reflect and set small goals that can be worked towards throughout the year! 2018 was full of indescribable love, exploration, and personal work, but I am looking forward to setting new goals and striving to accomplish and grow even more this year. Here are the things that I have reflected on and want to improve upon during 2019. Keep in mind that we aren’t defined by what goals we 100% meet or don’t meet, but by our effort and openness to improvement and change. Real change sometimes requires setbacks, unlearning and relearning, and re-strategizing. Some things will take longer than a year to manifest, don’t be too hard on yourself!

  1. Be more transparent and engaging with my followers.

    In 2018 I grew my following by 300% - which means there is more of you to connect with, engage with, and share with! Growing my brand is one of my biggest passions so keeping up with those who want to follow along is one of my goals for this year. In general, I want to be more transparent with you all so that we can connect on different levels. I want to share more about my relationship with Zev, more “real” moments, and incorporate my knowledge about mental health into my content. I love talking with you all about fun things like my outfits or travels, but want to share more of what makes me, me! Expect more candid stories, some deeper blog posts, and little snippets of the in-between moments of my life!

  2. Take my health to a new level.

    I have always been health-conscious, but in the past few months I have become more interested in looking at my health from a more holistic perspective. As a future therapist, I fully understand how important mental health is. This year I want to continue working on my self care, and allow myself to have time to reflect, heal, and strengthen my self compassion. In terms of my physical health, I want to learn new ways to take care of myself, such as finding better food and drink alternatives, vitamins, essential oils, etc. Simple things such as swapping out nut milks with thickeners and binders to nut milks free of this junk might make a BIG difference in your energy and well being! I also want to work on switching over my beauty and skin products to all natural brands. I recently did this with my deodorant and already feel so much better.

  3. Be more mindful and aware of details, conversation, and plans.

    If you ask any of my close friends, family, or my boyfriend they would all tell you that I can be such an airhead. I am so extremely forgetful and aloof sometimes that I don’t respond to someone for three weeks, forget to do something I told someone I would do, and don’t realize that a payment I made a week ago actually didn’t go through. In 2019 I want to be more mindful and aware of the details in my life. I want to listen more intently, make physical and mental notes, and double check everything. I know that if I make this a priority I will be so much less anxious, and the people around me will be happier!

  4. Travel more

    Since graduate school and part-time blogging don’t necessarily make the big bucks, I don’t have any big travel plans for 2019. That being said, travel is so invigorating and exciting to me and I am going to focus on saving money so that I can still take small trips throughout the year. Zev and I are planning on taking some sort of trip together this spring or summer, and I also want to plan a few other weekend trips to make sure that I am constantly changing my scenery (which means continuous personal growth, new perspectives, and amazing content!).

  5. Find a healthy balance between school, relationships, and blogging.

    This past year I somehow found a way to be a student, girlfriend, daughter, sister, friend, dog mom, and blogger, but most of the time felt like I was barely breathing and always running from one thing to the next without fully committing myself to any of my responsibilities. In 2019, I want to generate more and better ways to help myself balance everything in my life so that I can be the best version of myself no matter what I’m doing. I am so passionate about all the things I am doing, so I don’t see myself dropping a commitment just so that I feel more sane. Instead, how can I plan my time and intentions so that I can accomplish all my goals in each aspect of my life?

I have such a good feeling about this year. Although I have doubts and anxieties about a lot of things, I have learned so much about myself in 2018 and now feel that I trust myself and believe in myself enough to know I can get through the obstacles, with the support and help from those in my life I love. My creative energy is at it’s peak right now, I am getting ready to start seeing my first clients as a therapist, and I’ve worked hard to have my relationship be at it’s best! There is still a lot of uncertainty, imperfection, and question marks, but also so much to be excited about. Let’s do this!

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Snake print shift dress: Zara

White boots: Forever 21

Belt: love strength

Bag: vintage from Blue Velvet Vintage in Austin, TX

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