Before writing any sort of New Year's resolutions I like to wait at least a week after the date to let any post-holiday thoughts sink in (or any hangovers wear off). That being said, I do believe that it is important to figure out what the hell you're good at, what needs some work, and to think of some improvement for a better you. New Year's is a great excuse to partake in this self-reflection and, although I'm not a super-fan of waiting an entire year to make changes, I'm all for another opportunity to work on myself. This year I was lucky enough to start the new year in one of the most beautiful places I've ever been - Tortola. I'm not naïve enough to think that starting off the new year in paradise automatically means that 2017 is going to be a kickass year, but it definitely will help. After ten days of pure relaxation, good rum, and dreamy beachside brunches, I have come up with five different New Year's Resolutions, or what I like to call New Intentions. I absolutely hate when I set goals and then forget about them five days later, so blogging about this is a cool way for me to document my ideas (and to remind myself not to slack off). I also am a huge believer that reading other's ideas for self-improvement can spark endless amounts of inspiration, so I hope that anyone reading this can relate and possibly add to their own list of resolutions. After graduating and submitting all of my graduate school applications, I have a refreshing amount of time to reflect and plan, making these new intentions seem that much more tangible and exciting. I'm still in my vacation haze, but day by day getting more excited for 2017 - the places I'll go, the things I will learn - another year to live on this beautiful planet and explore. Who's with me?

1. Stop forgetting things: If you know me, than you will understand this one. I have a monumentally bad reputation for forgetting things: conversations, items, names, etc. It's so bad that my friends actually know not to ask me to bring them anything. This is seriously a problem, and makes me feel like a horrible person when it's something very important. So this year I'm going to make a conscious effort to remember things... maybe there's an app that will make this easier, but then I'll have to remember to set the timer/notification/alarm. Maybe I'm screwed, but admitting your downfalls is the first step towards recovery, right?

2. Read more books: I think so many people, including myself, have the bad habit of surrendering to their favorite Netflix show when they get home from work, done with class, or finish a long day. There's definitely nothing wrong with relaxing and watching some TV or a movie, but this year I want to get in the habit of relaxing with a good book. Instead of escaping into a "screen world" I want to escape to a "written world" and start to enjoy reading again. I think that this will be a more enticing activity now that I am graduated and no longer have to read. Right now I'm reading an incredible book called The Riverine - so... off to a great start!

3. Get inspired more, and inspire more: As a new blogger, I am constantly looking at others' blogs, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest pages. Although my brain sometimes turns to mush after scrolling through my phone for an hour, I actually really enjoy doing this. The aesthetic that some people are able to accomplish on their personal or professional profiles is seriously impressive, and as an aspiring blogger, this excites me and inspires me to create new posts or try out a new look. I believe art comes in infinite forms, and in the most millennial and technologically advanced way, blogging and posting content can be an art (if executed in that way). I've come to enjoy blogging so much, that I want to spend more time finding inspiration, documenting it, and finding creative ways to then inspire others. Technology is incredibly scary, but at the same time, it is a great tool to reach people you would never otherwise be able to influence. It's whether people use that ability in a positive or negative way that matters. This year, I want to impact others in a positive way and give them something unique to follow and find inspiration  in. 

4. Save money: This is a HUGE one. Ok, I'm a blogger, I'm a girl, and I like bikinis. More often than not this equates to swiping the credit card far too often. This year I want to create a budget, and stick to it, so that I can indulge my fashion and traveling desires without having to stress about it. Delayed gratification is something that not many people are familiar with these days - everything comes at us at super speed and everything with do or buy needs to be instant and fast. This is a problem people. Not everything in life comes at the touch of a button or changes in the blink of an eye. To prepare myself for my upcoming future and introduction into the professional world, I want to teach myself that I don't need that bikini, or that $60 sushi dinner now. Maybe I can set a goal, work towards that goal, and enjoy those two things at a later date. I've always been someone that believes life should be enjoyed and not put on hold because of money, but there's a fine line, and 2017 is all about finding that balance. 

5. Minimize complaining and arguing: I like to consider myself a kind, calm, and tolerable person, but these three things can always be worked on, and deserve attention in this New Year. I have a tendency to think that my personal issues are unique to myself and myself only, which packs on the stress and can potentially cause me to act selfishly. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has problems. Whether those problems are small, big, temporary, or permanent, we ALL have them. This year, I am striving to be aware of this reality at all times. There are so many times that I catch myself complaining or arguing when I should be appreciating or compromising, especially in my romantic relationship. Where there's love, trust, and enjoyment, there should be listening and admiration. I'm not saying I won't have any diva moments or times when my opinion should and will be heard, I'm saying that the "count to ten in your head before talking" rule might be my best friend in 2017.

2017 is going to be special year ~ full of successes, failures, and every little thing in between.