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If you follow me on Instagram you know from my stories that I've been obsessing over the book of poems called milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. Katie lent me this book when we met and every since I have literally been savoring it and "saving it for later" when I read it because I never ever wanted it to end. It's THAT good. Yesterday I finished it and realized how much the book has opened my eyes to different and deeper ways of considering society and life. There are so many poems from this book that have resonated with me but there was one in particular that I read and decided I would write a blog post on. Here it is:

"what terrifies me
me most is
how we foam
at the mouth
with envy
when others
sigh in relief
when they
are failing
our struggle
to celebrate
each other
is what's proven
most difficult in
being human"
- rupi kaur

Becoming more involved in the blogger community these past few months I have become familiar with this issue more than I would have liked to. Why can we SO easily celebrate ourselves, but when it comes time to celebrate another's success we struggle? And when that success happens to be in the field we OURSELVES want to be successful in, it's even harder. As a society we need to learn how to actually celebrate our individuality to the point where we encourage and support the growth in our niche communities. It scares me to think that other bloggers would hope for my failure so that their success comes easier. This is something I want to work on so that my support is understood as genuine every time I offer encouragement to another blogger, whether they be extremely successful already, or just starting out. There is SO much difference in the individuals that make up this world, and if we can accept that and truly believe it then we would not fear the success of another person. Celebrate it, support it, love it. There's room for everyone. 


Another very important message: these SNEAKERS. I didn't know that the combination black, suede & star existed in sneakers but I'm so happy it does. Lately I've been shopping for shoes at DSW and so far have been nothing but impressed. DSW carries such great brands and I love how it's a collection of different styles, because I get inspired just going in there! One of my favorite brands ever, Steve Madden, is all up in this store - and there are usually some pretty good deals, so naturally I'm all about it. 


So, everyone go buy the book milk and honey and actually read it. I promise it is SO worth your time and how many episodes you'll get behind on your Netflix show (sigh, everyone needs to read more!!). This woman is an incredible artist and writer and her voice deserves to be heard by everyone, whether you are a female or male. Her message and rawness is admirable AND she has a new book coming out next month!!!!! Happy reading and happy sneaker shopping xx