Hi friends long time no talk! I just started my master's program & had some technically difficulties with my website aka my blog is slacking!! I miss this and am working on pre-scheduling my posts so that I can stay updated and keep in touch with you all more often, especially with school starting.

A few weeks ago I got the absolute pleasure of shooting with Ryland Lovvorn, a sweet-soul from Birmingham, Alabama (check her out on Instagram @rylo.creative). Her photography style is neutral, rustic and a touch of boho (a dream!). I seriously had so much fun running around the cute town of Franklin, Tennessee with her - taking full advantage of its neutral walls and indulging in some Kilwin's ice cream :) I'm obsessed with how these photos turned out and can't wait to work with her again! 

Since starting my graduate program I've been re-introduced to challenges I thought I kissed goodbye at graduation, like organizing assignments, reading long articles, and planning due dates! AHHHH I'm a student again... it's such a bitter-sweet feeling. Now more than ever I have to rely on productivity and organizational habits or else I am going to go crazy and have no time to do other things like spend time with Zev, friends, and keep up with my posts. I've put together a list of my top four favorite ways to organize in order to be productive and GET SH*T DONE. 

  1. Use a planner. Write in it, color coordinate it, sticky note it, bookmark it. Whatever it, just make sure you actually READ it. Sifting through your planner every night or every morning is a great way to take in reminders, short-term goals for the day, and make sure you don't forget plans with people. When I'm really wrapped up in school or work I tend to actually forget plans with people outside of that realm, rather than my deadlines within it. Pencil in that coffee date with your girlfriend you haven't seen in two weeks. These plans will begin to be more and more valuable as stress builds!
  2. Set your alarm 20-30 minutes early to give yourself a little extra time to prepare for the day, and DON'T let yourself waste this time on your phone/instagram/facebook. Use this time to review notes for a class or work day, squeeze in a little yoga or stretching, reply to emails, or just relax and have a cup of tea. This little time set aside can make a huge difference in your productiveness throughout the rest of the day. I find if I get on my phone right when I wake up I instantly get distracted from my day's tasks, which makes getting going that much harder. Don't let yourself be the reason you don't get stuff done. 
  3. Get out of your house/apartment to get work done. Go to a park, coffee shop, café, or library. Ignore distractions by removing yourself from them! You can't bake cookies to procrastinate if you're not in your kitchen, and you're much less likely to ignore responsibilities if you're not tucked away in bed wearing sweatpants and a facemask. There's a time and place for this, and you can even get stuff done this way sometimes, but if you're struggling, GET UP and put yourself in a different environment. For me, going to a coffee shop and seeing others on their laptops and writing in their notebooks motivates me to get my own stuff done (it also might be the coffee, but let's pretend it's not). 
  4. Stay active. I always feel more energized and motivated if I get some exercise in. It really doesn't matter if it's 15 minutes or 60 minutes. If you get your body moving (earlier in the day is more beneficial for me) then you will feel more active in other ways. Something about breaking a sweat, taking a shower, and eating a healthy meal does absolute WONDERS for my productivity. If you wake up and do lazy things like eat ego waffles on your couch while finishing an unfinished episode of The Bachelor from the night before, than most likely you'll find yourself watching reruns the rest of the day and ordering take out. You get the picture. Get movin', get goin', and take some responsibility for your own productivity.


Hopefully these tips can help get you off your booty and accomplish whatever it is you've been putting off. These things are going to help me stay up to date on my school deadlines and responsibilities so that I can do and have time for what I WANT to do outside of school. Whatever it is, if you work to get it done efficiently you will have way more time to do things that help you have fun or relax WITHOUT the guilt of knowing you're putting something off. I swear that happy hour with friends will be so much more relaxing on a Thursday night when you've gotten your sh*t done than on a Monday night when you should be getting it done. Plan ahead, learn how to delay your gratification, and be balanced. 

THANK YOU Ryland for these incredible photos of me and my favorite baby blue vintage jeans, and good luck to you all on your endeavors, big or small. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.24.21 AM.png

{jeans are 7 For All Mankind, tank and choker are Urban outfitters, backpack is LF}