Happy 2018 everyone! 2017 was such an unbelievable year filled with a beautiful mess of setbacks, surprises and sweet memories. Most importantly, this past year I have learned a ton about myself. Thanks to my counseling graduate program I was forced to look inside and start to figure myself out. This introduced me to a completely new side of myself and has fostered so much growth. I'm all about it and I can't wait for more!  

Although I really do love the idea of New Year's resolutions and all that they stand for, I can honestly say I sometimes have trouble sticking to them. I did some thinking this year before I wrote them out and realized that I need to be making more goal oriented resolutions. The "stop eating fried food" type resolutions don't work for me. My ass will be eating french fries on January 8th telling myself "I suck".

I did some initial brainstorming of goals and dreams on the 1st, but this year I decided to wait a week to write down my official resolutions so they're well thought out and purposeful. I have come up with six intentions for 2018 that will hopefully make this a kick ass year! Read on to get some inspiration for your own resolutions or to see what I'll be up to in 2018!

ONE: Stick to a 12 week fitness program and be intentional and mindful about what I put in my body and how I treat my body. For the last few months of 2017 I really struggled to find a rhythm with my exercise and healthy habits. The combination of getting a puppy and finishing my first semester of grad school sent me into a whirlwind of anxiety that included terrible sleep and laziness. In 2018 I'm aiming to take control of how I treat my body - dedicating just 35 minutes a day to a fitness program (I'm doing Body by Gilles!), drinking more tea/less coffee, intentionally going to bed earlier, prepping meals for work and school, and getting back in the habit of saying NO to things that won't benefit my body. 

TWO: Get organized financially. I'll be open in saying that I am far from being financially independent at this time in my life. I'm grateful to still have the support of my parents throughout graduate school, but my money managing skills this past year have outright SUCKED. I feel so lame. Being financially unorganized is not fun at all. This year I want to be more responsible with money, save more money, and be more intentional with how I'm spending it. (Measurable goal: pay off my credit card PRONTO)

THREE: Revamp my website, host a blogging event, and put more effort into my content. Balancing school and blogging is definitely not a piece of cake. Half the time I'm posting a photo in a quick two minutes, finishing a blog post at midnight after doing three hours of homework, and squeezing in photoshoots during a lunch break. Although it's not easy work, I seriously love creating content and building my brand. This blog is not just a hobby to me, it's a future business that I care a lot about! 2018 is all about honoring that and making more time to put my heart into the BTS work. I'm dedicated to growing an organic following. This means engaging more with followers and readers, reaching out to brands personally, keeping my website looking fresh (if anyone has any suggestions for web design in Nashville send me a message!!), and networking in the community. My goal is to plan an event to get a bunch of blogging babes in Nashville together! Ideas are in full swing.

FOUR: Read more (non school related books). This year I'm aiming to head to bed thirty minutes early to read. There are so many books I've been wanting to read - now's the time! I have also recently had the HARDEST time falling asleep after being on my phone in bed. Doing this makes my mind race like crazy and it's honestly super annoying because I know that I need sleep to be my best self. Goal for 2018 - no phone 30 minutes before bed.

FIVE: Travel to Haiti with some sort of volunteer group. My two brothers were adopted from Haiti and I have yet to go there. It's gotten to the point where this really frustrates me. I need and want to see where my brothers are from and I want to connect with the people and culture there. I want to take advantage of being in graduate school and not having a full-time job to make this happen! This intention means so much to me and I can't wait to get started on the planning for it. 

SIX: Create/travel/dream. This goal is super vague but that's why I like it. It encompasses so much. I want to cook more/blog recipes, make a few videos, make a Poloroid wall with Zev, do DIY projects, take weekend trips, go to more concerts. The older I get the more I realize that we live in a crazing MF world that throws curve balls ALL the time. These moments of creation and exploration are what keep me motivated and in love with life. Without these I can find myself falling into a pit of negativity and sadness about the world. 2018 is the year to make sh** happen for myself because if I don't, who will? 

Happy happy new year beautiful people. I hope it's all you plan for.


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