A very special person showed me Folly Beach (whom and which I am so thankful for), and ever since, I have developed a detailed love for this quaint beach town. I have a like/hate relationship with Columbia, SC, and often find myself wanting to escape. Throughout the past four years Folly Beach has been that escape - washed wood buildings, brunch cocktails, surfers, and a beach that is home to both soft sunrises and warm sunsets. It's only a short fifteen minutes outside of downtown Charleston, which has, over the years, caused it's traffic to increase. I never got to see Folly when it was truly a tiny beach town, but it still does the trick. I've been to a lot of beaches, but this one is so distinct. It is southern charm, meets annual summer vacation, meets North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  

Musts when in Folly:  

The Lost Dog Café:  this café is nestled in on one of Folly's side streets and serves all-day breakfast as well as lunch. They're known for having a long line, so plan ahead. A variety of mimosas, bellinis, and bloody Mary's are rustically served in mason jars - which takes the edge off the wait for a table! Servers here are always sweet and knowledgeable about Folly so ask away if you have any questions about the town. 

Taco Boy:  this cantina-style restaurant is hip, vibrant, and the go-to margarita and taco joint in Folly. Their menu includes a variety of innovative street tacos, interesting sides, & tasty frozen margaritas. The restaurant opens up to an outside patio that sits alongside the main road that runs into Folly Beach and has bohemian/spanish decor (Love that big door!)

The 'Wich Doctor: this little eatery is home to a diverse menu of pizza, international sandwiches, & Pan-Asian dishes. The 'Which Doctor certainly hits the spot after a long morning at the beach.

Bert's Market: this market has shelved grocery items, fresh produce and dairy, & a lovely sandwich bar. They make a mean panini and have all the goods you need for either a snack or a full-blown picnic. Bert's also offers an extensive wine & beer selection.

Goddamnnnn - I love this place. If you've been here you probably know all the good spots, but if not you should take my advice and check out the places I mentioned. You will not be disappointed.

BLOUSE: Urban Outfitters

NECKLACE: Kate Davis Jewelry