I think any blogger has had dreams of visiting the Amalfi Coast. It is literally picture perfect and everything you would imagine it is. The stripes, the coast, the colors, the food, the adorable streets. The list goes on. And on.  I've put together a budget-friendly guide to Positano (because we all can't be sponsored world travelers, right?). 

My trip to Positano was amongst five others stops on my Europe trip I recently did - partly with Zev, and partly with my college girl friends. A three night/four day period here was entirely not enough. I got the taste for Positano and since I left I have been DYING for more. Really, if you go here you will never be the same. It is a dream world in every sense. Something about the pastel buildings constructed onto the steep cliffside, the hazy horizon, and the striped orange umbrellas lining the famous beach makes you feel like you are in an old-school, first-class movie. 

In terms of where to stay when in Positano - there are a few Air Bnbs that are perfectly reasonable and nice that are in and around the center of Positano. We stayed in one in Montepertuso (a tiny village essentially on top of a mountain). It might sound intimidating to stay this high up and away from the center (especially if you're familiar with how narrow and terrifying the roads are on the Amalfi Coast), but it is an easy bus or taxi ride into town, and may be a much more affordable option. Splurging? - check out Hotel Le Sirenuse or Hotel Villa Franca. You will be blown away. 

What to eat - EVERYTHING. I mean this seriously. Out of everywhere I visited this spring, Italy by far has the best food, fullest flavors, and guaranteed freshness. If it's not fresh, they don't serve it, so expect every meal to be insanely good. A good way to save money here is to have breakfast in your hotel or Air Bnb, opt for take-away sandwich shops for lunch, and give free rein to your dinners. Favorite restaurant: Il Retrivo in the village of Montepertuso. Favorite bar: Franco's (amazing view of Positano beach). 



Hoping you all are adoring these photos as much as I am as I write this. Seriously, is there anywhere that is as ridiculously charming as Positano? If you think so, lemme know. I want to sit in the restaurant at Le Sirenuse forever while sipping Bellini's and eating gnocchi. Is that too much to ask? 

A lil more tips for visiting Positano:

  • do not buy sunscreen here it is expensive AF
  • RENT A BOAT FOR A DAY to explore the coast. It will be worth it, no questions. Also visit Capri. We took a 30 min ferry from the beach to the island and it was gorgeous. There's a chair lift that takes you all the way to the top of Ana Capri. DO IT. It is incredibly beautiful. Think of head in the clouds, sunny, wildflowers, birds, boats, ocean. This is Capri and you need to see it.
  • bring yo walking shoes and get ready to hike up (or down) some stairs
  • invest in one of the orange beach chairs for a day (~ 12 euro) and super worth it! you get the superstar/vintage feel, the amazing view, and a little face shade that is CRUCIAL in the Italian sun (60 degrees feels like 90, fair warning)
  • bring a one piece. to save your skin and to keep you feeling sexy after your tenth pasta dish ;)

All in all, Positano will forever be one of my favorite places in the world. It's beauty, charm, and magestic-ness is forever engrained in my memory, and dreams. There really is nothing quite like it and I suggest saving up and planning a trip here. I wish my stay had been longer and I'll always regret not planning it to be, but that just gives me even more of a reason to go back. 

Stay perfect, Positano. 




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