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Happy Wednesday lovely people! I'm not much of a beauty queen or expert, but I have a few amazing products that I have to share with you guys this month! It's getting a little colder and summer is fading, which means we will have to take care of ourselves in a variety of new ways (mentally and physically). That being said, here are my 5 September must haves:

Voluspa Limited Edition Japonica Mini Candle in the Panjore Lychee scent from Anthropologie
{ this candle is only $10 and smells like a dream. having candles around the house in the fall is something i've always loved and valued. it's sort of my equivalent to having the window cracked open in the summer and having breezes of flower scents pushed through the house. when it get's colder and you can't break up the air in your house that way, a candle is a great alternative. my favorite places to shop for candles: Anthropologie and World Market! }

The Enlightened Gloss in "beach kiss" by Pacifica
{ first things first, Pacifica is 100% vegan and cruelty-free which is so important to me now when it comes to beauty and skin products. second, this gloss is perfect for that natural and effortless makeup look i like to have during the colder months. i've never been much of a lipstick girl and my lips tend to get dry easily, so i love a good moisturizing and tinted gloss. this has easily become my go-to gloss and i'm so happy i found it! not to mention, it's only $10 and comes in five different shades... amazing }

Cinnamon Bun Loose Leaf Tea by Pinky Up.
{ i got this tea in my September personalized tea subscription box from Sipsby - you can still use my code IRIS to get 50% off of your first order! this flavor literally tastes like a cinnamon bun (talk about all the fall feels) but is naturally calorie-free so you can indulge without the consequences! this herbal tea is also caffeine-free so it's perfect to drink before bed or to relax. tea is something that i start drinking much more often in the colder months. my body doesn't react that well to a lot of coffee so the switch over to tea is in full swing } 

1000 Roses Moroccan Beauty Oil by Andalou Naturals
{ colder temperatures means dry skin. lately i've been really into oils vs. moisturizers. i have found that they sooth my skin a lot better - oils have essential fatty acids that naturally moisturize and create an outer barrier to prevent moisture loss. andalou naturals is 100% organic, vegan and cruelty-free which is a major bonus. this specific beauty oil smells SO good. the best part about this oil is that you can use it on your face, body and hair. oil isn't for everyone but i really recommend trying it for a week or so to notice any differences! my skin has had so much more life after putting this oil on before bed and i definitely plan on using it as we head into the colder months! }

Yesteryear Mug in grey polka dot from Anthropologie
{ everyone needs a good mug for the fall! weather you're drinking coffee, tea (or whiskey), it always tastes better out of a cute mug. i just got this one from anthro and it's adorable. they have so many options right now! my other favorite places to shop for mugs: World Market, TJ Maxx and Target! }

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing a snapshot of what products I'm using right now! Like I said before, I'm not an expert product reviewer, but I feel pretty confident that anyone would love these five things! If you end up getting any of them, let me know on Instagram or through the comments what you think! 

In other news, I'm doing a collaboration with one of my favorite boutiques in East Nashville, KITTY, very soon! So stay tuned! 

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