Happy Monday beautiful people! I have thoroughly been enjoying my time off of school and have been soaking up the Nashville heat. Throughout the past couple months I have come to rely on a few products/things that I want to share with you all! I have never been a big product person - I'm usually trying different ones and never sticking to a routine, but I'm finally settling with a few products that I can't seem to live without. I'm sharing my five essentials that have been on repeat this summer - and I hope you love them too! 

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Essential Oils + Diffuser: Zev got me a diffuser and oils for our anniversary and I am OBSESSED. We put the diffuser on before bed and it is so relaxing. I also have started to use essential oils without the diffuser (inhaling, applying to my skin, etc.). There's so many different oils that have different purposes. My favorite this summer: Thistle Farm's Energy Oil (it wakes me up so well!)

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Straw Bags: I know these have been the hype all spring and summer long, but I'm still in major love with these bags - anyone else? I may be tiring the trend, but straw bags have definitely been a staple this summer and I am still seeing new styles pop up that are to die for! I've especially been loving the tote sized ones - they are perfect for the beach or pool! 

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Skin Fix Co. Oil Cleanser: I used to use Neutrogena's makeup remover/cleanser but recently have been trying to switch over to truly natural products - and that's when I found Skin Fix Co.! Their products are so amazing and I actually had the pleasure of meeting part of their team at an event in the spring. I have really sensitive skin and this oil cleanser has been so perfect to use both in the morning and at night to remove dirt, sweat, makeup - pretty much anything that builds up throughout these humid days in Nashville. The best part is that it leaves my skin feeling moisturized instead of dry. 

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The Ouai Wave Spray: My hair is naturally pretty straight so I usually curl it everyday if I'm going out, shooting, or going to an event. I absolutely hate the way hairspray makes my hair feel so this wave spray has been a game changer. It's so light and doesn't weigh down your hair, but leaves you with the most beachy/effortless looking waves! Couldn't rave enough about this product.

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Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue: My mom's boutique carries this makeup brand and it has become my absolute go-to. I am almost using all Bare Minerals products for my makeup routine and this complexion rescue is by far my favorite. It's a tinted moisturizer and BB cream all in one and it is HEAVENLY. It gives you the most natural looking glow while moisturizing your skin for the day (and has 30 SPF!!!). I don't use a lot of makeup - I have never used foundation, and if I'm being honest I've never really known what the f*** I'm doing with makeup. BUT, this product makes me feel like I know what I'm doing and gives my skin the perfect base for the rest of my makeup (which is just bronzer and highlighter). I LOVE IT!

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And if you like my outfit here are the deets!
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